The Good Fight

15:56 | 2006/02/22

So, the last few months (since December 12th, specifically) we’ve been wondering what to do about our poor handling of our domain registration. Some time mid-January the domain went out of the …”you-suck-with-dates” or something period and into the REDEMPTION period. This was something I’d never experienced. Now, it seems like not all that intimidating a name, but redemption of biblical proportions would not be this harsh. The toll for saving your domain name’s ass goes up to $150-some.

So we figure, hey, let’s just wait till it’s over, ’cause hell if we’re going to pay that much for a freeware site. We are aware that some bastard company may grab it up the very millisecond it becomes available, just to spite/gauge us. We’ll take the risk.

I’ve been checking the whois info daily since we found out about these happenings. At some point I even had to go through security measures to prove I wasn’t a bot because I was checking it a good five times a day.

Today I leisurely click on my “Personal Toolbar” bookmark and was, at first, surprised, almost pleasantly, then frustrated. In2net, a B.C. based hosting company had apparently ripped it from our unwitting grasp. I got on MSN and told Chris. We shared some expletives in regards to In2net, and this:

Raincoatduck says:

the whole system for registering internet stuff is like the fucking wild west

Phil says:


Raincoatduck says:

it’s like there’s barely any law, just a bunch of people taking whatever they can get

Phil says:

It is pretty cut throat.

Then we discussed our course of action. My first suggestion, a letter:

Hey you fucking pirates,
How about yet another pound of our flesh if you let us crawl away later with our guts hanging out, but still alive? Please?

Love, Phil and Chris

Obviously a joke, but a good… ballpark idea. Write them. So I checked out the contact us page and they have one of those handy scripts to write them an e-mail from the site, like we do. Great. So I run my first draft by Chris:

Well, it appears you snatched up the very instant it was available, something we were hoping to do ourselves. Of course, in our case, it would have been snatching it BACK up.


Expiration Date: 12-dec-2005

I am the not so very well off former co-owner of I was wondering what it would take to get it back so that we could continue running our little freeware gaming company from the same old URL.

-Phil Jones

A little surly, as Chris said. A revised version:


Well, it appears you snatched up, foiling my not-so-brilliant plan of evading the redemption charges.


Expiration Date: 12-dec-2005

I am the former co-owner of and I was wondering what it would take to get it back so that we could continue running our little freeware gaming company from the same old URL.

-Phil Jones

And it’s off. So, let’s see if we can get our lovely little back for some sorta reasonable price.

In other news, I bought a sweet Logitech MX 5000 and MX1000 wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (respectively), along with a 6×8 Graphire Bluetooth. The same night I received them my computer went apeshit. My friend got it running again, but the sound card is outta whack and the new hardware is not set up. Damnation.

I’m also busy applying to Concordia these days (it really should not take this long, though), as well as getting over horrible vomitty sickness of obscure origins. Consequently, actual work on Get Ready, Go Now! was halted. I’m still thinking about it though. Fun fun.

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