To all three of our visitors

01:28 | 2006/06/03

Yo. How’re you holding up?

We’ve been quietly working on our new game, which we should probably share something about pretty soon. Yes, it’ll be another platformer. Yes, we do like other types of games (we have another possible non-platformer game in vague planning stages now). Yes, it’ll hopefully be totally ridiculous and awesome. Anyway, we’ll update later with more info on the game as it develops.

In other news, Phil is redesigning his portofolio site after neglecting to finish his last design (which looked pretty damn sexy). If I may say, though, the new design is gorgeous. I’m not sure when he’s going to put it up, but hopefully soon.

Ok, there was one more thing I wanted to say… right! Thompsonsoft pins! We are making no money off those. We just made them so we could wear them to PAX this summer. We decided it would be less whorey than making t-shirts saying “OMFG I AM PART OF THOMPSONSOFT! WORSHIP ME!!!11.” Now, I’m reconsidering. That’d be a sweet shirt. So you can buy the pins singularly or in a pack of ten. They are ridiculously expensive with shipping but that’s the lowest they can sell for so no complaining to us. I’d say they’re still worth it even if you have to mortgage your house. You truly will be the coolest kid on your block. Perhaps even the entire neighborhood.

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  1. Jimbob says:

    If this game is the monkey-MC-Hammer-pants-ceiling-walking-fighting-robot-bears-of-blood game, then I want to play it now.

    Thanks :)

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